Spill Ready Fills Bulk Order for Distributor

Many of Spill Ready’s products find their way to end users through our Australia wide network of distributors. Often our distributors receive a bulk order from a customer that they need to fill quickly. They often cannot wait for their supplier to get the stock in, as they may miss the sale.

For this reason Spill Ready carries a large amount of stock, such as absorbent pads, spill kits, absorbent booms, absorbent rolls and bagged absorbent sweeps to ensure we have the products ready to dispatch when our distributors need them.

Recently Spill Ready shipped a semi trailer load of oil absorbent pads to a distributor in Queensland, so they could fulfill a larger order from their mining clients. Spill Ready had the product in stock, and has the entire amount packed and shipped within the week.

If you would like more information about becoming a distributor of Spill Ready products, please click HERE for more information.

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