Marine Silt Curtain

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Marine Silt Curtain

Spill Ready Marine Silt Curtains are Australia made from the best materials available. We have supplied curtains to many large industrial companies on important port and marine projects.

The curtain is manufactured in 15m lengths and it can be factory assembled and delivered in pallet skids of up to 500 lineal metres prejoined. If provided with the environmental conditions at the deployment location we are able to model the suitability of the contractors curtain for your project or alternatively provide guidance as to the most suitable product.


  • 150mm freeboard
  • PVC encapsulated EPS Floats
  • Chain ballast fitted
  • 15-25mm HD Marine Zipper joins
  • Prejoined to 500m lengths
  • Ready for immediate deployment
  • Anchor kits available

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