Spill Management at its core is essentially a risk management process, as any site that has liquids stored onsite has inherent risks. These risks are a potential environmental incident, or chemical exposure that risks human health.

There are strict laws in all states of Australia that stipulate a company’s and also a person’s responsibilities in regard to spill management. There are also significant fines and penalties awaiting people and companies who do not fulfil these obligations.

And unfortunately ignorance is not a defense, so you need to make sure you and your people know your responsibilities in regard to spill management.  You also need to show due diligence in regard to effectively mitigating the risk of a potential spills on your site, and being prepared for a spill event if one does occur.

One of the key principles of being prepared for a spill is having your people trained in the principles of spill management, as well as the basics of spill response.

Spill Ready provide a comprehensive training course that will ensure your people understand the principles of spill management, know what risks to look out for onsite and also know how to respond if a spill happens.

The Spill Ready Spill Management Training Course Covers:

  • Understanding safety and spill response (PPE and Safety Data Sheets)
  • Understanding of the relevant legislation and how to effectively comply
  • Creating procedures and action plans for your site
  • Understanding the risks associated with spills and how to mitigate them
  • Looking at types of spills and the response required (emergency spill vs maintenance spill)
  • Review of the different spill management products available
  • Steps to respond to a spill
  • Clean-up and reporting of a spill
  • Quiz
  • Practical demonstration

All participants will also receive a certificate of participation.

Duration: 2 Hours

The cost for this course is $65 per person (ex GST) with a minimum of 10 people, and a maximum of 25 people per session. Providing the course outside of NSW or in remote locations will include fees for travel (contact us for a quote).

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