Spill Ready takes the hassle out of ensuring your spill kits are fully stocked and adequate for your site.


Our Spill Kit Servicing Program will ensure there is sufficient absorbent product supply onsite for the liquids you are storing, and that the kits are refilled when products are used.

This will ensure you are compliant with legislation and regulations.

You no longer have to:

  • Assign the task to one of your employees
  • Design the forms and processes to be completed during the audit
  • Ensure the employee actually does the audit on time
  • Order the equipment that is required to refill your spill kits
  • Refill the spill kits with the equipment
  • File the paperwork to show due diligence in the case of a spill onsite

We’ll do this for you and more!

Our Spill Kit Service program includes:

  • We’ll put you on a regular schedule (1,2,3 or 4 monthly) and we’ll come to site at the same time during your schedule
  • We’ll number your kits and also place audit tags on them, so we will know if anything has been used
  • We’ll clean each kit, and replace stickers where necessary
  • We’ll provide an electronic report for your files that will detail
    • Where each kits is onsite, including a picture of each kit
    • What was replaced in the kit
    • Amount of product re-stocked site wide
    • Any other notes on the site, which would assist in environmental compliance
  • The spill kits will also carry individual service tags, which will show all services undertaken
  • Free advice whilst onsite, as well as complimentary 10 minute tool box talks on spill kit use

You don’t currently have Spill Ready Kits, and don’t want to buy new ones, but want to take part in our service program? No problem, we’ll simply re-brand the kits, and fill them with our products

Contact us today, to see if Spill Ready or one of our distributors conducts spill kit servicing in your area.


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