Do you have emergency eyewash/shower units onsite?

Do you know that they need to be ‘tested and tagged’ to comply with AS 4775-2007.

Good news is Spill Ready can take care of this for you. We will assess the type of units you have, and then test them annually to ensure they operate according to the standard.

We’ll come to site, conduct the testing, tag your eyewash/shower to show when it was tested, and give you a written report.

The Spill Ready emergency shower testing program includes:

  • Initial liaison with the site to determine the number and types of units on site. Spill Ready will then check with the manufacturers documentation for any special testing requirements;
  • Check the units against the standard as well as manufacturers testing requirements. This would include ensuring minimum installation requirements were adhered to;
  • Conduct onsite testing of each unit as required by the standard.
  • Provide a report on the testing that notes
    • ID Number of shower
    • Testing undertaken
    • Results of the tests
    • Note any inconsistencies with the standard
    • Note any repairs/parts that are needed;
  • Attach a water proof tag to each unit detailing the date of testing;
  • Provide a quote for parts and repairs that may be needed (note this may need to be undertaken by a licenced plumber);
  • Contact the site 1 month prior to when re-testing is requirement to organise a time for the testing program

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